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Part 1: What Is an INUKA Order Online Form?

A network marketing company, INUKA, gives independent entrepreneurs cosmetic and fragranced products to either sell as their own or use for their personal use.

These products are offered to these entrepreneurs at wholesale prices, which means reselling these high-quality items can earn them quite a profit. To join INUKA’s list of entrepreneurs, one must fill an INUKA order online form.

Apart from providing items to sell, INUKA also offers its members a Compensation Plan. This Compensation Plan asks members to introduce other people to INUKA. In return, the marketing company will reward its members with benefits.

The best part about all of this is that INUKA takes no registration or initial investment fee. The only thing a member has to do is buy samples of their preference and a Business Kit to get started on their entrepreneur journey.

Part 2: Information Asked on a INUKA Order Online Form

The online form is divided into several parts, each inquiring a set of information. Here are some of the details one must provide on the form:

Personal information and banking details

The form will ask for personal information to identify the applicant as a member. INUKA says that this information will be entered into their system, so care must be taken to make it as accurate as possible. These are the personal details asked for in the form:

  • First Name and Surname
  • ID Number/Passport Number
  • Birthday: Day Month Year
  • Email Address
  • Cell Number
  • Work Telephone Number
  • Home Telephone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Code

Apart from personal information, the form also requires the applicant’s bank details. The details asked to include the bank name, account no, and the account holder’s name.

Physical kit selection and delivery address

INUKA asks members to buy a Business Kit whenever someone applies for registration. Five options are given to the applicant, and one must be chosen. The payment date, reference, amount, and delivery address are also asked to be filled in the form.

Details of the member who referred the applicant

A registered member can refer an applicant and receive benefits in return through the INUKA Compensation Plan. When the applicant is filling the form, there is a section where details of the referrer are required, such as:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Cell Number
  • INUKA Member Code

Proof of payment

When submitting the form, INUKA requires proof of payment from the applicants. This proof of payment must be attached with the form.

Part 3: How to File an INUKA Order Online Form?

The Simo 2 form is relatively easy to fill, so follow these instructions to register as an INUKA member.

Step 1 - Select preferred Business Kit


The first part of the form requires selecting the following kit of your choice with a tick mark.

  • Senior Kit - Own Choice R5500
  • Senior Kit - Standard R5500
  • Junior Kit R2700
  • Large Kit R1700
  • Medium Kit R1200
  • Small Kit R55

Once this selection is made, fill in the details about the payment made for the equipment. These details include the date the payment was made, the payment reference, and the amount paid.

Step 2 - Add delivery information


Next, the delivery information for your Business Kit is requested by the form, so fill in the details of your province, country, postal code, and the Physical Kit delivery address. Besides, it offers cross border delivery based on request.

Step 3 - INUKA Referrer’s information


If a member of INUKA referred you to this program, fill in their details here. Don’t forget to include the INUKA Member Code, as this will be used to identify the referrer.

Step 4 - Personal Information


Fill in all your personal information in this part. However, do note that INUKA requires this part to be filled in capital letters only, so be sure to follow this instruction.

For example, if your name is ‘John Doe,’ you will write it as ‘JOHN DOE’ on the Simo2 INUKA online order form. Once your personal information has been entered, proceed to enter your bank account details.

Step 5 - Signature


Read your form once again to verify if all the information is accurate to your best knowledge. Once everything has been checked, sign the form with your signature and enter the current date.

It is recommended to read the INUKA membership terms and conditions listed on the second half of the INUKA order online form.

Part 4: General Uses of a INUKA Online Order Form

The form is used by applicants looking to join INUKA as members and sell their wholesale products as entrepreneurs. This membership comes with its own sets of benefits, according to INUKA’s official website.

  • Earning Good Retail Profits Through Wholesale Products

As the product the members will sell is received at a wholesale price, members enjoy the benefit of receiving an immediate retail profit. These products are usually high-quality cosmetic items, so sales are also easy to make.

  • Establishing a Name in the Market

Since these products are essentially from a premium cosmetic range, selling them helps these entrepreneurs make a market for themselves, leading to more sales.

  • Benefiting From the Car Reward Program

INUKA also offers a car reward program through which registered members can earn and own their cars. These vehicles are not company property and are registered in the name of the member.

  • Free Training to Become an Entrepreneur

INUKA offers free training and support to anyone who has no proper knowledge of becoming an entrepreneur, so the Simo2 form can be used by anyone looking to follow their entrepreneur journey.

Part 5: Who Would Require to Fill an INUKA Online Order Form?

The INUKA Online Order form offers an excellent opportunity to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. However, it doesn’t have the means. So anyone who wants to start their own business will need a form to get themselves registered. Once this form is completed and submitted, only then can someone be considered eligible for registration.

Many people who become INUKA Members have never owned a business or thought of being an entrepreneur. What sets INUKA apart to be a difference is our mission to create an environment where our entrepreneurs will feel at home.

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